8. Mercedes Tourino

Mercedes Tourino athens transport

The Tourino shuttle bus belongs to the Olympos Express fleet. Also, it is one of the world’s safest modes of transport, thanks in no small part to Mercedes-Benz innovations. With its timeless, dynamic design language, the Tourino is a star wherever it goes and in all possible surroundings. The Tourino is a shuttle bus that it belongs to the Mercedes family, combining comfort and safety. Seats CXR – thin and elegant, incorporating angular handle, armrest on the side of the ramp, adjustable back hook for bags, short seat cushion.

Our guarantee is that you will not be disappointed with our fleet, we are proud that we provide top-class luxury travel.

We offer:

  • 100% Luxurious Fleet
  • All Our Fleet Are Fully Valeted & Serviced
  • A Safe & Secure Journey
  • Comfortable And Enjoyable
  • Clean, Polite & Knowledgeable
  • Transfer on Time
  • Reliable Transfers
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • GNTO Certified
30 Passengers
30 Suitcases